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VidMate – Highlight Features and Secret Tips


Right from the start we need to mention that there isn’t any other app like VidMate. Even though there might many other apps which specialize in downloading online videos, they all pale in comparison with VidMate. The reason behind this being that VidMate is not just a simple online video downloader, but an all-rounded media viewing app.

Downloading Online Videos

Without a doubt, the best feature that VidMate offers is its ability to take down videos from online websites in a matter of seconds. VidMate has been developed with the sole purpose of giving people an alternative way of watching online videos, a way that doesn’t require an internet connection.

Therefore, VidMate users will be able to download all their favorite videos while they are at home next to a stable Wi-Fi connection and then watch those videos while traveling. Another great thing about VidMate is how easy it is to download videos!

Friendly UI (User Interface)

Even though downloading online videos from streaming platforms that don’t feature a “download” button might sound a bit difficult in theory, this is not the case with VidMate. This app comes with a friendly UI that makes it easy for everyone to download any type of video they want.

The only thing that VidMate users need to do in order to download an online video is to simply copy the URL link of the said video and paste it in the app’s UI. Things get even better than this since VidMate also ships with a pre-installed search browser where users can type in keywords and find anything they want.

Watching Live TV

As previously mentioned, VidMate is more than just a simple app that can download online videos. A great example of that is how VidMate provides its users with a wide range of live TV shows that they can watch. The app is fitted with 200 TV channels at the moment and all of them are free to use. In addition, VidMate’s developers are constantly looking to expand that list and increase the number of channels that users get to enjoy.

Fast Download Speeds

Since we are talking about an app that excels at taking down videos from streaming platforms, its download speed is quite important. Luckily, VidMate has been equipped with a special download manager that uses multiple thread connections to boost Mb/s speeds.

Truth be told, the download speed of VidMate is heavily affected by how strong the Wi-Fi network its connected to is. However, the multiple thread connection method also boosts the download speed with a couple of extra Mb/s.

Secret Tips to Enhance Download Speeds

Talking about VidMate ‘s download speed, fans of the app should be happy to know that there is a secret tip which is going to help them download videos faster than usual! Follow these next steps in order to enable a special feature that’s going to make VidMate faster than ever:

  • Access the “Me” tab;
  • Head over to the “Settings” panel by tapping on it;
  • Tap on “Download”;
  • Scroll down the new panel and enable the “Fast Download Mode”.

Users can also tap on the “Fast Download Option” panel which is located lower than the previously “Fast Download Mode” and change the speed to “4”. This is going to enhance the download speed even further.

With that being said, we think we showed you some of the most important features that VidMate has to offer and why this app is considered to be a “must-have” on all smartphones.