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VidMate – The Most Premium Online Video Downloader There Is


VidMate is definitely one of the most popular apps in the Android ecosystem. The reason why VidMate is so popular is because it gives people an alternative to watching their favorite online content. Even though there might be many apps that do the same thing, VidMate does it better than all of them and today we are going to explain why.

Downloading Online Videos

Obviously, the biggest asset that VidMate brings is the fact that it can download any sort of online video. However, what VidMate does better than other is that it makes it easy for anyone to download online videos. The app is equipped with a friendly user interface that doesn’t complicate users with settings and options.

All that VidMate users need to do in order to download their videos is to copy the URL of the said video and paste it in the app’s user interface. There’s even an easier way to do that since the app ships with a pre-installed search browser that can be used to find all the latest videos through keywords.

Searching for Videos via Keywords

Say for example someone is looking for hilarious fail compilations, they can simply write “fails” in the search browser and VidMate will automatically list the most popular videos which contain this type of content. With that said, we think it’s safe to say that VidMate is going to help everyone find all their favorite type of videos and download them for offline viewing without having to go through complicated settings first.

MP3 Converter

Another amazing feature that VidMate offers is its built-in MP3 converter. Considering the fact that all the top streaming platforms are filled with cool music videos, VidMate users can download them and convert them to MP3 format and then save them directly their smartphones.

Therefore, VidMate provides people with a great way of expanding their music library without having to pay a dime. Not just that, but the MP3 convertor can also be used for podcasts because the video footage doesn’t matter that much in that type of shows and transforming them to MP3 format will also reduce their size.

Fast Download Speeds

Since VidMate is basically a video downloader, no one should be surprised to find out that the app’s developers have made it their top priority to optimize VidMate’s download manager so that it can download all types of videos in a matter of seconds.

VidMate has been tested against other popular online video downloaders on the same smartphone that is connected to the the same Wi-Fi connection and VidMate always came out on top. In fact, the test showed that VidMate provides users with 200% faster download speeds than other apps do.

The reason why VidMate is so fast is because the download manager uses multiple thread connections. What this means is that VidMate will automatically download files from different hosts at the same time which helps it improve the internet speed by up to five times.

Free Live TV Channels

The internet is filled with apps which boast that they can provide users with live TV channels. However, nearly all these apps are free to download but then charge users a subscription fee in order to watch them.

Luckily, this isn’t the case with VidMate since the app features more than 200 free to watch live TV channels which range from fashion, latest news, music videos, sports and entertainment. To make things even better, all these TV channels load super-fast and they can be viewed even on slow internet connections.