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Vidmate vs Snaptube vs Tubemate – Which One Performs Faster?


Watching online videos is everyone’s favorite activity. YouTube is the main reason behind this because it offers an endless supply of hilarious, interesting, captivating and many more other types of content. Not only that, but there are numerous online platforms like Vimeo, FunnyorDie and even Instagram that provide people with cool shows.

Although, the only downside to watching online videos is that people need to be connected to a stable internet network. This might not be a problem while at home, but this gets quite annoying while traveling because no one enjoys waiting minutes on end for a video to buffer. Here is where top-notch video downloaders like Tubemate, Vidmate and Snaptube come into play, but which one is better?

It’s All About Speed

Since we are talking about video downloaders, the rate at which they download full HD (1080 x 1920p) videos is quite important. The three apps were all installed on the same smartphone that is connected to one single Wi-Fi network and Vidmate came out the winner.

The difference in download speed between the three apps is not that, but Vidmate did overshadow both Tubemate and Snaptube by taking down a 53MB file from YouTube in a matter of seconds.


Right off the bat, we need to mention that these apps basically the same when it comes to features. They all focus on downloading videos at fast speeds. Another important thing that’s worth noting is that all three apps ship with a pre-installed MP3 converter.

Final Words

From the looks of it, Vidmate has the upper hand in this comparison. While the apps might be close equals because they offer the same features, Vidmate does download videos faster and this is an important factor. In addition, full HD videos are usually larger in size and this makes the download speed a whole lot more important.