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Vimeo Now Allows You to Watch Videos in 4K Resolution


For unexplained reasons, Vimeo, remained for a while, the last streaming site that does not support 4K video. Apparently, this feature became available, but only for some visitors of the site, but in 2016 it is possible to become available for everyone.
Currently, Vimeo is developing an adaptive bitrate setting system for a large number of platforms, and obviously first of these will be iOS and Apple TV. This variable bitrate setting will soon be available on Android platforms like Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku.

Up to implementing the 4K streaming system, Vimeo offered the possibility to upload clips in UHD format on the site only to users who had an annual Pro subscription. Even so, they could not download videos or watch a larger than 1080p format before. True, there were some exceptions such as the video “A Film About Coffee”, but they were extremely rare and needed a special “permit”.

However, despite the fact that Vimeo makes an appearance relatively late to the 4K video streaming sites “party”, it’s not too late when it comes to 4K video industry in general. There is no television channel that transmits in 4K and 4K Blu-Ray are still far away. In this context, all those who are interested in watching 4K videos can enjoy them only on major video streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix and now Vimeo and I do not think that any of the owners of the sites will be upset by this.