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Virus DNA Code Infects A Computer For the First Time


We are witnessing these days one of the most interesting world firsts. Biologists worked together with security researchers and managed to infect a computer with a malicious program. The program has been coded and included in a strand of DNA, which never happened before.

The Future Is Now

What we just told you may sound like total science fiction, but it’s as real as it can be. However, probably you won’t have any reasons to worry about this soon. At the same time, the possibilities opened by this breakthrough are fascinating and scary simultaneously.

The multidisciplinary team, which works at the University of Washington, doesn’t seem to be too interested in making the headlines. The story behind it is a little bit more complicated though. The scientists were concerned about the security infrastructure found around the DNA transcription, as well as its analysis.

They had found some vulnerabilities in the open source software in labs all throughout the world. Considering the important of the data they use, this might be a serious reason for concern in the future.

More Optimistic Prospects

The researchers could show how weak the systems are with the help of usual malware, paired with some remote access tools. This would be the most common way through which an attacker could damage a system. However, the security professionals prefer to be one step ahead.

Tadayoshi Kohno, who is a professor at the university, declared that they are trying to avoid any situation where they’re not prepared.

Luis Ceze, who is a co-author of the study, added that as the molecular and electronic worlds are getting closer and closer together, we have to be ready to see more possible interactions between the two. This might give way to some opportunities that nobody got the chance to foresee until now.