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Vivo Nex with Pop-Up Selfie Camera and In-Display Fingerprint Sensor will Launch on July 31st


Apple and Samsung love to say that they are innovating the smartphone industry, but truth be told, a Chinese company known as Vivo is one step ahead of them. The Chinese tech giant recently unveiled a new flagship smartphone known as Vivo Nex and everyone was left in awe after seeing it.

Vivo Nex comes with a unique design that makes it look like a simple sheet of glass, but this isn’t the most innovative feature that it has to offer!

Pop-Up Selfie Camera

The reason why Vivo was able to equip its flagship smartphone with a truly bezel-less display is because it removed the top placed selfie camera. However, Vivo made up for that by equipping the smartphone with a pop-up selfie camera which doesn’t only look futuristic, but it also takes amazing selfies.

The engineers who developed this unique feature are saying that they tested it over 25,000 times and that the pop-up camera never failed to open. To make things even better, the selfie camera pops up in less than a second.

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Another amazing feature that Vivo Nex has to offer is an in-display fingerprint scanner. The interesting thing about this feature is that both Samsung and Apple wanted to equip it on their current flagship smartphones, but weren’t able to because they didn’t think it was safe enough. Well, it looks like Vivo managed to get the in-display fingerprint scanner certified which means that it is safe enough.

Available for Purchase Starting July 31st

Nonetheless, the reason why Vivio’s innovative device is making headlines today is because the Chinese based company announced that Vivo Nex will be available for purchase starting July 31st. As you would expect from a flagship smartphone, Vivo Nex is equipped with an expensive price tag of $1,109,00.