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VLC for Android 2.5.14 Beta APK Update Goes Live


If you are a fan of VLC, then we have some amazing news for you! VLC for Android 2.5.14 beta APK just went live and it contains a ton of new changes which will bring the video player’s user experience to the next level! Without any further, let’s check out what bug fixes and features the new update brings so VLC fans know what they are in for.

VLC for Android 2.5.14 Beta

First off, we need to mention that this update fixes the annoying bug which was causing the “Artists/Albums” names to disappear from the media library. In addition, the developers who are in charge of VLC included an apology in the patch notes. It’s great seeing how much attention VLC’s developer team is paying to the community and that it moves so fast when it comes to annoying bugs.

New Features

One of the best things about VLC is the fact that it supports all types of platforms, including WhatsApp. Regarding WhatsApp, VLC fans should be happy to know that the video player is now equipped with a special feature that gives them the ability to restore deleted videos which were received through WhatsApp.

Another cool feature that’s being introduced alongside the 2.5.14 Beta APK is quick access shortcuts. VLC is a premium app and its always looking to make things easier for its users. Therefore, these new quick access shortcuts will improve the app’s already smooth user experience.

Key Bug Fixes

Bug fixes are what make APK updates so important and this latest VLC APK contains a handful of them. These are the three most important bug fixes which are contained in the 2.5.14 Beta APK.

  • New fix repairs an issue where videos didn’t disappear after being deleted;
  • New fix tweaks out the “Seen” check on RTL devices;
  • New fix gets rid of annoying bug which caused Chromebooks to only show the TV interface;