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VLC Media Player Will Now Run on Chromebooks


Chromebooks are awesome in streaming videos online, but watching a video which is saved on to the user Chromebook is not that easy.

Thanks to VLC, who brought up its popular media player to Chrome OS and all the users can download it for free.

VLC is overall the best media player for everyone as it can play all types of video and audio files present in users Chromebook, files like ISO, MKV, MP3, FLAC and many more, which every media player cannot play it, it also has many other features like multi-track audio and it also shows subtitles while playing movies, and also offers a special widget or icon for controlling the volume.

According to VLC team, this VLC player is the recycled version of their Android app. If user wants to play the videos, what user will have to do is, they have to put it in a specific order and save it in a folder, and then the user has to open that folder by using VLC. After that, automatically it will store in the app’s library.

The app is working very smooth till now, some complaints by other user have been taken into concern.

According to the company, they have only tested this app on HP’s Chromebook 14 and Google’s Chromebook pixel in which this app is running very good, the only problem which is coming is in some of the Samsung models, according to the companies report, the company is working very hard to fix up the issues and problems which mainly the Samsung users are facing and If any other initial bugs issue came up then it will fixed very soon.