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Volkswagen Will Update 4 Million Cars In Order To Fix The Emission Problem


The Volkswagen group will make software updates for 4 million cars that run on diesel in order to reduce emissions in Germany.

Volkswagen has been the main attention regarding NOx emissions. Their spokesman said they will volunteer to update their cars in order to avoid diesel bans in bigger cities. Volkswagen should fix about 12.4 million of their diesel cars worldwide in order to solve the issue.

Regulators and politicians from Germany are making pressures so that the Auto Companies make cleaner diesel engines with lower emissions.

If you’re wondering why Volkswagen has been the main attention of the authorities, it is because they cheated about their 2015 harmless NOx emissions from their diesels.

This event created a crisis in cities around the world which started to ban the vehicles in order to have an improved air quality because there was a major difference between the test results made by the VW Group and the real results seen in the cities.

Since the increase in pollution in the cities and the harmful diesel cars, Volkswagen has seen a decrease in sales to almost a half around all Europe.

Because of the bad reputation they gathered, the automakers and Volkswagen have struggled to meet the requirements imposed by the authorities. Even though the diesel cars consume less fuel than gasoline models, emitting less CO2, they started losing ground and made place for electric car development.

Other automakers such as Mercedes and Audi are recalling a lot of diesel vehicles in order to update their software so that they can reduce the NOx emissions.

Mercedes will recall more than 3 million cars and Audi will recall almost 850.000 to better control their emissions.

On the other hand, BMW will not recall any diesel vehicle before the Aug.2 summit, since their Euro 6 engines are already fulfilling the requirements regarding harmful emissions.