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VR Duck Season: A Duck Hunt Tribute With A Hint Of Horror


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If you grew up in the ’80 you must remember the Duck Hunt game and how important it was for your childhood. The NES hit probably created an entire generation of gamers and people remember it even today. The good news is that Stress Level Zero will bring back that ‘80s nostalgia with a brand new game named Duck Season. Let’s see what this game has to offer.

Sinister twist

If you were hoping for a cheery game that will remind you of your childhood you are wrong. In a way. Duck Season will transport you in the past, and you will play as a kid who is also playing Duck Season. The game takes place on June 20, 1988, and the entire atmosphere will make you travel back in time. However, here’s where the joy ends.

The Duck Season version played by the kid resembles the original one and you will even get the laughing dog that helps you collect the killed ducks. But things take a dark turn. The dog is not a friendly companion and you start to discover his dark side. “You just initiated violence against him, and now he’s going to initiate violence against you,” Stress Level Zero developer Brandon Laatsch said.

Duck Hunt is more complex than its predecessor and you will find out that it has many hidden secrets. The game offers you seven different endings and various subplots.

Duck Hunt is a VR game

The game will become available on September 14 and you can find it on Steam, but also on Oculus Store. We are sure that Oculus Rift will enhance the creepy mood and it will transport you in the dark story (and maybe back to your childhood too).