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Want To get Past The Netflix Geo Restrictions? Here’s How You Can Do It


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Netflix is one of the most popular internet streaming services across the globe. The service has made a recent expansion into various countries in the world.

More than a 130 countries have been added to this list, most of them being from India and Asian countries.  Content is generally made available to the users based on the location they are in.

Users in one country might not be able to get all the content that is visible in another country. For this, the company is suffered to a certain extent – many users started using Virtual Private networks to gain access to content across the globe.

In response to this, the company has considered the idea of making content across the world available to all the people. But this is not work that can be done that easily.

Talks with thousands of production houses will have to be made and the service will have to go through a lot of formality and paperwork. Asides making content from one area to the other could also pose a serious challenge from the service.

So how do people actually gain free access into the content of another place? They do so simply by using VPN.

But that is  Not the proper solution. This is because the Netflix has already decided to shut down all the VPNs. This has caused the skipping of the geographic location to be a little under control, but not completely.

There is nothing to worry about – there is yet another way to gain access to the other locations through an arrangement termed as unofficial Netflix online Global Search. The unofficial Netflix online Global Search, also termed as Unog in some places, can allow you to look for programs across the world that you are looking forward to watch.

It serves like a database to provide you a detail directory to search programs for. After you search for it, just use VPN to switch to the country of your choice and view the content. Sounds difficult? Unog has a solution to this as well.

The program provides users with details of VPN, Proxy or DNS provider would have access to which content. You can pick the one you find most feasible and alter your settings accordingly.

So there you have it, a perfect way to unblock yourself from the privilege of accessing global content over the internet.