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Watch YouTube On Your iPad With The Picture In Picture Mode – Here’s How


iOS 9 has finally been able to bring to iPad what it misses the most – the ability to perform various tasks at the same time.

The operating systems has brought many interesting features to the devices that work on it and this feature simply nails it on the iPad.

Now watching videos on the iPad, in a small window that you can move about on the screen while executing other tasks is also possible.

This feature has been termed as the picture in picture mode and is available to all iPads running on iOS 9 and higher.

The operating system has also been able to bring about a lot of other features that are way above scope of the iOS versions before it.

Catering to the devices running this version of the OS is nothing less than a challenge for the various apps across the internet.

Each application has a different mission in front of it to have the app upgraded to meet the requirements of iOS 9 so users can have a great experience using the application.

A similar situation has cropped up for the video streaming apps that are accessed by iOS 9 users. While some like Hulu and HBO Now moved with the flow and updated themselves to provide perfect video content streaming, iOS 9 style, the others like YouTube and Netflix are yet to come up with something special for these devices.

So it all boils down to one thing – for the apps that are optimized to meet iOS9 requirements, you will be able to use the Picture in Picture mode, and for those that are not optimized, the Picture in Picture mode is a far fetched dream.

However, there is one way that a YouTube video can be played on an iPad running on iOS 9 in the Picture in Picture mode. The solution lies in an application within the app store, that is known as the PipTube.

The PipTube app does the task of converting the URL into a video and playing it in the native iOS player.

The application is available in the Apple App store and is priced at $1.99 only. After downloading the application, it has to be added to the today Widget in the iPad and then open the YouTube video.

Copy the URL and then launch the PipTube app from the today widget. You will be surprised to see the app turn up with a Picture in Picture option to play the video that you just copied the URL for. Launch it and enjoy!