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Waze Beta Introduces Long-Awaited Bug Fixes


If you are planning to leave on a trip, then Waze is a must-have! This app provides users with the fastest navigation routes which makes it ideal when traveling to places you’ve never been before. Talking about fast navigation routes, Waze is renowned for being able to find shortcuts in the busiest towns which helps people save precious time instead of getting stuck in traffic while driving on the normal routes.

Waze Beta

The reason why Waze is in our sights today is because a brand-new update just arrived. The update changes the app’s version number to “ Beta” and its available in form of APK. As the update’s version number implies, it is targeted towards Waze beta users. However, anyone can enlist in Waze’s Beta program because the only thing they will need to do in return is to provide the developers with serious feedback.

Important Bug Fixes

Considering the fact that Waze is used for important purposes such as finding shortcuts in busy cities and for getting navigation routes for people who might be lost, the app’s developers don’t have any room for error. Therefore, this latest update contains three important bug fixes and we are going to list them right now:

  • Stability Fixes;
  • Three Finger Tap Settings are not saved [BUG=5923] – Fixed;
  • Scrollable ETA (estimate time of arrival) / Unstable “Stop” button translation – Fixed.

Police, Road Hazards and Radars

The feature that makes Waze special when compared to the likes of Google Maps is Waze’s ability to tell users where important things such as road stops, traffic police, radars and hazards are located. This is a user-based feature which means that anyone who uses Waze can alert other people of everything they see on the road by simply tapping on the screen a couple of times.