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Waze Review : It is So Easy to Use


When it comes to the navigation apps, only few names will come in the users mind, about the few free navigation apps.

Apple’s and Google’s navigation apps along with Waze itself are among the list of navigation apps in the markets.

If we talk about the features, Waze is considered to be the best of all, because it is so easy to use, as a ability is added for the users to work as a community and help each other through modern urban traffic.

Waze is amongst the navigation apps which are able of communicating with other users who are nearby and getting users traffic alert if more than enough data is available, but if we talk about waze it can do it in other level also, Waze communicates with other users and shows other users current updates live.

These updates can be for anything from speed camera and traffic jams to possible accidents or hazards, and the other best feature is that it is also capable of providing the users alternate routes as expected from the users.

The community experience

Waze gives the users a feature in which they can provide other users an update of possible hurdle which could take place between them or in their destinations, the users are able to report on traffic conditions, and they may also attach photos and notes and may also locations and all other work through app.

All these features means, that this app is very user friendly. By chance you are end up in traffic in that case you can inform others for not taking the same route on which you are stuck.

The only negative point of this app is, it doesn’t have offline maps, but that is understandable, as the entire concept of Waze is to have community-aided navigation, offline maps would completely cancel out that functionality, leaving behind just a common GPS navigation app.

Waze is available for all the three phone systems, iOS, Android and Windows, to make sure that wherever the user may be or which device the user is using, there will be no impact on the user as such.

Waze is also good in synchronizing data through user Facebook app and calendar, easily helps user to set events and provides the user with many navigation options by completely removing the need to input manual the destinations.

Other good features of Waze is, it provides the users with ETA’S and also remembers the locations which the user frequently visits and it also provides the users to find out that weather their friends or family are travelling to same locations or not, and above all if we talk about the offline navigation, the user will not be able to do so as it is impossible without an internet connection.

Basic maps and navigation are still possible offline, but if a user wants to use these cool features of Waze then user should be having internet connection.