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Waze vs. Google Maps – Best Traffic Helper Comparison


You’ve ever been stuck in traffic and in a hurry? Yeah, it sucks. So people started to look for alternative routes to avoid traffic.

It’s time for technology to make its appearance. Our smartphones can now give us directions which help us avoid the difficult traffic. But time is important, so that’s why we have Waze and Google Maps. But which one is better?

What are Waze and Google Maps?

Waze is a route application, Waze is just like a crowdsourced site which additionally gives driving directions. This app lets you warn others about accidents, alternative routes, police and road closures.

Google Maps is not used just for driving, it also shows you options about routes when it comes to public transport, biking, and walking. In addition to this, it shows buildings, places to eat.

What are the differences between these 2 apps?

Waze is an app that gives information regarding live traffic (thank you, other users!). It lets you choose the voice which talks to you, there are celebrity voices, too (imagine Morgan Freeman). It remembers your usual routes and you have a traffic jam time countdown. It lets you know where the police is and it has Spotify integration.

Google Maps offers you directions for driving, biking and walking. (in offline mode, too) Public transportation is included, too. You can here, too, change the voice and has the Google Street View feature. A very interesting thing about this app is that it lets you know when a business is about to close. It saves parking location and the navigation backlit changes when it’s day or night.

As a conclusion…

By getting Waze, you’ll be aware of the police near you and you’ll be able to manage your speed before running into them. Also, it shows you where accidents took place. It seems that the only problem is the fact that it takes you to residential neighborhoods to save some time.

Google Maps, too, warns you about accidents – but these are not as detailed as you’d find them in Waze. But the map in Google Maps is far better.