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We Can Finally Download Our Instagram Data Soon


Facebook allowed its users to download their data since 2010, but Instagram which is also owned by Facebook did not offer this option for its users.

On Facebook, users have been able to download a copy of everything they ever shared over the platform, just so that the platform shows its users that it does not own their data.

It looks like after years of thinking this through, Instagram will finally do the same thing.

“We are building a new data portability tool.”

An Instagram spokesman talked to PCMag and said that a portability tool is currently in the works. “You’ll soon be able to download a copy of what you’ve shared on Instagram, including your photos, videos, and messages,” according to the same spokesman.

The availability of this data portability tool is unknown 

Instagram did not say precisely when this will start happening, but we already know that Facebook has vowed to better protect people’s privacy following the horrible aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Facebook revealed earlier this month that about 87 million users had their personal information sold to a UK political consultancy that used to work for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The controversy led to the fact that a lot of Facebook users have downloaded their data from the platform just to see what exactly the company knows about them so far.

Facebook made this options available since back in 2010, but Instagram does not have such an option.

Instagram’s data portability tool does not have a precise target

It’s not exactly sure which is the full scope of this data portability tool that will be included in Instagram.

Regarding Facebook, the service stated that it would provide a complete archive of your photos messages and profile data and it would also tell you what advertisers have your contact information.

Another benefit of the data portability tool would probably be the fact that quitting Instagram would be a lot easier knowing that you have previously saved all of your data.

When this option becomes available, anyone can delete their account after downloading a copy of their contents. Up to now, users could do this as well but only using a third-party service such as Digi.Me or InstaPort.