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Web AVG TuneUp Extension will do More Harm Than Good


The greatest example of irony in the IT industry this year comes from AVG, the creator of AVG Web TuneUp, a Chrome extension that will endanger your data security.

Although many of you use AVG to protect the system against viruses, the same company is also behind pretty malicious software.

In theory, this Chrome extension of the company famous for creating antivirus apps is meant to mark potentially malicious links in your search results. Basically, Web AVG TuneUp manages to create several loopholes that can be exploited by hackers who want to gain access to your data.

According to a post on the Google Security Research, Web AVG TuneUp extension was not created in a very safe way and since its appearance in WebStore it has incorporated an important set of vulnerabilities. “This extension adds numerous APIs JavaScript in Chrome, apparently to attack the search settings and new tab page. The installation process is quite complex in order to overcome anti-malware checks from Chrome, designed to stop abuse from APIs in extensions. However, many of the used APIs are defective, the attached exploit steals cookies from AVG.com. It also exposes your search history and other private data online. It would not be surprising if they allow execution of arbitrary code.”

Mostly, posting on Google Security Research details how aggressive the extension puts your system in danger. Fortunately, upon notification from Google, AVG covered security holes in AVG Web TuneUp through an update. Therefore, if you are in delight at any level with the functionality of this Chrome extension, feel free to update, if you want to prevent future problems.

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