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WeChat vs Viber – Battle for Survival


There are more than million of smartphones across the world which are running either on Android, Windows Phone, iOS, BlackBerry or Symbian.

Everybody loves chatting applications on their phones to get connect with their family and friends who are near or far, the most famous applications are Whatsapp, WeChat, Snapchat, hangouts, Viber and Skype. But we are only going to talk about WeChat and Viber.

According to the reports, there are more than 900 million users of WeChat and more than 600 million users of Viber.

Availability: WeChat vs. Viber

Viber was launched in the year 2010 and it was only available on iOS devices and gradually it came up in all the platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Symbian. And WeChat which was released few months after the launch of Viber, it was able to install on each platform from Windows to Symbian too.

If you were and still the user of WeChat, the users may be aware that in past WeChat was only having the option of Web chat support only, but now the web developers have released  a full support for both Mac OS and Windows PC.

Features: WeChat vs. Viber

WeChat comes in complete package of calling and messaging potential. The users can use this application to make voice calls and free HD video calls, on any device they want like, tablet, smartphone or a PC.

The users can also use stickers, coupons, emoticons or namecard in your messages. There are already some business market people that allows the user to make a reservation, book a taxi or payment.

It also social media features, allowing the users to like and share a comments, which another user has posted, on the other hand it has WeChat moments service where all the users can share their best videos and photos with their friends and at the same time users may like them and may also comment on the photos which they like.

The other awesome application is Viber application, which offers the same for the user with calling and HD video chat, and it has a good feature which is known as Viber Out which allows the user to call phone numbers, but the user has to pay for this service but users need not to worry a it is not that expensive when user wants to call another country.

These are the best features of both the applications.
Out of these which one you like to use? Do, share your thoughts and comment below!