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What Happens If The Zoom On Chromebook Gets Discontinued?

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Zoom for Chromebook will no longer be supported in August 2022, which is a huge milestone for tech aficionados. 9To5Google has just reported that Chromebooks would no longer be able to run the Zoom software. Chromebook users are presently seeing a notification that says there is a deadline of August 2022 for this app to be deprecated. For ChromeOS, please utilize the newer Zoom for Chrome PWA.  For the sake of completeness, we should point out that the app has been accessible for quite some time now.

Chromebook users, nevertheless, will still be enabled to access Zoom. Last year, the teleconferencing service debuted a Chromebook Progressive Web Service. Zoom has also made substantial upgrades to its PWA throughout time, introducing a variety of beneficial capabilities to Chromebooks, such as backdrop blur. For Chromebook customers, Zoom Progressive Web Service delivers a seamless performance since it doesn’t demand high-end technology.

In 2020, Google declared that it will no longer support the previous Chrome apps on all systems, and Windows & Mac were the first to lose compatibility last year as a result. Creators will no longer be able to offer updates for Chrome OS apps, and the Chrome Store Website will no longer include these products.

Installing the updated PWA from of the Play store is simple, just follow the link or browse for ‘Zoom PWA’ / ‘Zoom for Chrome PWA’ just on the Play store. Log in / join a meeting by downloading the app and then signing in or signing up for an account. The latest app may also be installed straight from a user’s browser menu bar and also from a centralized administrator’s control panel.