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What Is GIFTO (GTO) Preparing Next?


GIFTO is a recent crypto coin which emerged on the market in December 2017. It has been designed to ease up the rewards system of social networks aiming mostly at video content creators and their auditory.

Since its emergence on the cryptocurrencies market, the GIFTO (GTO) token increased by 39%.

GIFTO (GTO) valued $0.3 when its launched happened just two months ago. It is now worthing  $0.39 and is expected to go even higher.

GIFTO (GTO) was designed to be UpLive’s own crypto coin

UpLive is a Chinese video content site similar to YouTube but which also brings additional characteristics similar to SnapChat.

In short, UpLive is nothing else than a video content site with social network characteristics.

On UpLive, users can create content such as on YouTube but without depending on limited monetization methods.

Content creators are easily paid on UpLive. If their content is appreciated, viewers can send them rewards.

Since the GIFTO (GTO) is on the market, the content creators can get paid directly in GIFTO (GTO) which eases up the whole process even more.

GIFTO (GTO) is set to go global

The GIFTO (GTO) team prepares a new platform called GIFTO Ecosystem.GIFTO Ecosystem will try to make other social media networks to get involved and use GIFTO tokens as a monetization method.

The platform is meant to ease up the content creators reward systems of the actual social networks by using GIFTO (GTO) blockchain technology.

GIFTO (GTO) has already set a world record

The GIFTO team asked Kevin Abosch to create an artwork right before Valentine’s Day, suggestively named the ‘Forever Rose’ in order to prove that GIFTO’s gifts have intrinsic value.

The artwork sold for $1 million to a group of collectors. Therefore, the artwork became the world’s most expensive crypto-artwork for the time being.

GIFTO (GTO) is a promising crypto asset and you should keep an eye on it.