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What Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Has To Offer In Comparison To Other Devices


Microsoft’s previous project, Surface Pro 4 hybrid, which was released in October 2015, was a massive success. Only in the first months of 2016, Microsoft managed to sell over 250.000 units. However, things like the sleep mode or the battery capacity were still not satisfying.

This is why Microsoft took again the matter into its own hands and began planning something even bigger and stronger. Microsoft made even sure that we won’t be encountering these kinds of problems anymore on the next Surface Pro. This is how Surface Pro 5 came out.

New plans

It appears that Microsoft thought about everything with the new Surface Pro 5, including business plans. According to Microsoft’s recent statements regarding these new plans, users will be able to pay every month for Surface services, devices and future upgrades (every 18 months).

Accessible Business

In a recent internet post, Microsoft stated that Surface Plus and Surface Plus for Business are designed in a specific way in order to ease up our lives. This is why customers will get the best out of it, Microsoft says.

The options are various and very flexible. Customers will not only be able to choose the most suitable business plan for them (from 18 to 24 or 30 months), but they could also have a say in matters like mid-term “device fleet” or the 30-day return policy. Pretty convenient so far, right?

As Microsoft declared, Surface Plus for Business offers a wide range of services and packages, such as customer support, free technical assistance (in the store as well), so on and so forth. Imagine how easy everything would get once you begin using it.

Customers from The United States will be pleased when they hear that they can go to the Microsoft store. They can also go online and visit Surface Plus online.