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WhatsApp Download Available For iOS With The Video Calling Feature?


In the past months, we’ve detected countless rumors regarding WhatsApp’s developers’ intention to feature the video calling feature to the present application.

We can’t say that this feature is impossible, since a year ago, the developers have brought the Voice calling feature to the Android, then later it was obtainable for iOS.

There are some speculations which are saying that a similar issue can happen with the Video calling feature: Firstly it will be superimposed to Android, then in couple of months later it’ll come back to the remainder of major platforms.

However, there’s a web site that denote some screenshots of something that looks to be a beta version for iOS, with the Voice calling feature.

Macerkopf is a German web site that got its hands on leaked info a few future beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, that contains the Video calling feature.

So as to prove their readers that they’re talking nonsense, they’ve denote a screenshot of the update that shows the awaited anticipated feature.

The update which the website is talking regarding is dubbed as a pair of and additionally to the video line feature, it’ll bring the Multi-tab program, which will enable the users to navigate between tabs and because of this the users need to go back to the chat menu.

The Hangouts and Viber users are acquainted with this feature and they will really enjoy this feature on their respective WhatsApp accounts, and on the other side if we talk about for normal WhatsApp users, who never use any applications except Whatsapp, this feature can create their chatting world more impressive and useful, as this feature will help the user to stay connect with their family and friends in a more good way.

The Video calling feature can certainly create WhatsApp a more amazing application, as it has more active users than skype as per the records.

Currently, over 900 million users are accessing their WhatsApp accounts daily, so as to send texts, images, video and voice messages, or to call up their friends.

However we’re pretty positive that, at first, the Video calling feature can eat lots of the users mobile data, therefore the users are going to be suggested to attach to a wireless network, so that they would able to speak with their contacts while wasting their mobile data.

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