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WhatsApp 2.13.26 Update For Nokia Asha Users, Featuring Whatsapp Calling


Whatsapp is creating its mark everywhere in terms of smartphones these days, from low range of smartphones to high range of smartphones, everybody uses this application to stay in touch with their family and friends.

The very big example here in front of us is Nokia Asha whose Whatsapp 2.13.26 is now upgraded with Whatsapp calling as well.

This news is for all the users who are using the old version of Whatsapp and they are advised to upgrade, so that the users may enjoy the fun of Whatsapp calling.

This new Whatsapp 2.13.26 is upgraded by the developers and the bug issues have been fixed by the team of Whatsapp, and this updated version can be used in Nokia Asha and Symbian 40.

The Voice calling feature of Whatsapp was only on Andorid, Windows, iOS an BlackBerry 10.

But now, the Nokia Asha users will also be able to enjoy this feature on their devices.

For successful installation, the users are advised to uninstall the current version of Whatsapp which they are using, and after uninstalling the old version, the users have to go on to the browser and switch on the official site of Whatsapp.

After coming on to the website of Whatsapp, the users have to click on the Whatsapp icon, first they have to download it and then install it.

After this, the users have to restart their devices, in order to login on to Whatsapp by opening the Whtasapp application and login in, with their respective phone number to use this new feature of Whatsapp, But above all, users need to be careful while downloading the Whatsapp application because of the online Malwares, because there are many customers in Singapore whose devices got effected because of these online malwares.

To be very frank, what these malware do is they have the ability to steal your important information from your device, like credit card numbers, Social security number and other important banking or financial details as well.

So beware, by the pop ups which the users will be facing while downloading this new version.

Do share your experience of Whatsapp calling with your friends and family and with us also by commenting below.