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WhatsApp Beta 2.18.138 Has Been Rolled Out And Comes With New Improvements


WhatsApp for Android is an app that over the past weeks has received several updates that have introduced new features related to chats, groups, and photos editing. A few weeks ago the beta version introduced chat support, for instance. Now WhatsApp beta 2.18.138 rolled out and come with more new changes and improvements.

In the last release, WhatsApp beta 2.18.135, the developers introduced new features and unveiled new emoji sets. Also, they added enhancements in chats and introduced the “group chats” support.

A new beta version of the application has been released recently.

WhatsApp beta 2.18.138 – New improvements and changes

This is version 2.18.138 which you can access by becoming a beta tester or, even more simply, by downloading it via APK.

There are two new and very interesting improvements and features WhatsApp devs implemented in the new beta version.

The first feature concerns the Top Emoji. The very name of the feature tells us what it is for, namely, to bring the most used emoji to the first lines, so we can send the favorite emojis to everyone we chat with even faster than before.

The second and a more important feature is the introduction of “wa.me” domain support that can be used to open chats directly in the browser.

Main features of WhatsApp or the reasons why it is the most appreciated messenger

  • Multimedia – Send videos, photos and audio messages to your friends and contacts;
  • Group Chat – Share group conversations with your contacts;
  • Offline Messages – Even when your phone is off or unreachable, the app will save your messages offline;
  • Keep In Touch – With WhatsApp, you’re always connected with your friends and family;
  • User-friendly GUI;

Now, back to the topic of the article, WhatsApp beta 2.18.138 can be downloaded as an APK and install it as such or simply sign for the WhatsApp’s beta testing programme here and you’ll get every new Beta version once it has been released.