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WhatsApp Can Be Crashed by Causing Long Emoji-Filled Messages, According to Research


The only manner that the matter can be overcome is to delete the message history — probably deleting incriminating data, the researcher who found the matter has pointed out

A simple WhatsApp trick might force the app to crash on people’s phones, and it can damage their full data without their knowledge.

The app features a vulnerability that permits people to send long messages that might shut down their phones, according to the reports by researcher.

If an individual uses the online version of the app to send a message of around 5,000 emoji, the mobile app that receives it’ll crash and force itself to shut down like to option will be coming up on the user screen Force Shut Down, according to the researchers. There will be only one possible way to use the app is to delete the message history then re-open the conversation again.

The app will have a character limit, presumptively meant partially to avoid messages that the app can’t handle it. However that limit is just too small — the app starts to slow down around 4,500 messages, however people can send up to 6,000.

The problem seems solely to have an effect on the Android version of WhatsApp, which is employed by over a billion of peoples. It cause issues for the iOS app, however it doesn’t crash it entirely.

According to one of the researcher the flaw might probably be utilized by the people to send messages then force people to get rid of any proof that they were ever truly sent.

“Suppose some attacker sends abusive message or is blackmailing a victim,” according to the reports of researchers “Now the victim cannot show the message as proof as once the victim receive the emoticon […] the complete chat with the assaulter would crash and therefore the victim won’t be able to open it.

“The victim will have to delete the whole chat with the assaulter so as to use WhatsApp ordinarily.”