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WhatsApp Drops $1 price tag,is officially free!


WhatsAppis finally getting rid of its $1 yearly charge in 2016. The Facebook owned app has officially declared that it will be getting rid of the annual fee across all the platforms.

The company believes that the yearly charge has not worked properly and thus they will be getting rid of it this year.

As we all know after a year of using the app, an annual fee is being asked from the users, in a lot of cases the users have been given a free extension but others had to pay.

In an official blog post, the company has stated that many of the WhatsApp users would not possess a Credit card or a Debit card and would get worried of losing the touch to their friends and family after the first year.

The company further states that it will remove the fees from different versions of WhatsApp over the upcoming weeks and it will no longer charge anything for its use.

While the company was explaining the plans to cut off the yearly charge, it did mention that the app was being used by nearly a Billion people around the globe.

They did not reveal the exact numbers like back in September when the app reached more that 900 Million monthly active users milestone, but they did hint that the number was very close to a Billion!

The company has also stressed that getting rid of the yearly charge will not invite any third – party ads. With the getting rid of annual fees, the company is also looking to introduce some new features like connecting to Businesses and Organizations directly.

Something where people could communicate to Banks or other utilities directly.

Further on there has been rumors going around that WhatsApp will get a new feature of video calling. After the upgradation of the app, WhatsApp now has the voice calling feature and WhatsApp web feature thanks to Facebook for that.

Some images have been leaked by a German website, in those images it shows a conversation going on through a video call.

The ongoing video call is said to be on WhatsApp for iOS. The quality of voice on the video call is similar to that of the voice calling on WhatsApp.

It is further speculated that the video calling for WhatsApp will be available sometime around March this year.

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