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WhatsApp Ends Support for Windows Phone 8


Everyone knows that WhatsApp is one of the best instant messaging services in the world. The beloved app is used by a wide array of people due to its efficient and varied services. On WhatsApp, you can send text messages to friends, family and coworkers, but you can also engage in audio or video chats with them. This is a concept that has been popularized by Skype, but nowadays no one does it better than WhatsApp.

On top of that, WhatsApp allows you to share your favorite visual and audio media, such as photos, videos, audio clips and even GIFs. The app has become a staple of our everyday communication, and we all love it for its ability to manage individual, as well as group chats, and also many other cool features that it has to offer.

Bye Bye WhatsApp on Windows Phone 8

WhatsApp has certainly grown since it first hit the market in 2009, and thus it’s understandable that it has decided to move on to greater things and end support for aging mobile platforms. The app’s developers have chosen to focus their time and resources on making the app better for the devices and mobile operating systems of now, instead of having to cater to old and obsolete devices that barely anyone uses anymore.

One of the platforms that are notoriously getting the boot from WhatsApp is the Windows Phone 8 and lower. Therefore, anything starting from Windows Phone 8.1 is safe for now, but older systems will soon be cut off from WhatsApp support. We believe that this is for the best, and we’re glad to see WhatsApp take such an important step towards its bright future. However, this situation must be unfortunate for those few users that still rely on Windows Phone 8 and lower.