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WhatsApp Faces A 45 Minute Downtime Just Before New Year – Apologises to Users For The Crash


WhatsApp is an always on application. But this ceased to be true at New years eve.

The services of WhatsApp went down for a good 45 minutes before the services could be started again.

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications of today. People like the application for the smoothness with which the messages can be sent across and calls can be placed.

Photos, videos and audio tracks can be easily shared without any hassles. Group chats can be organized easily and attractive chat backgrounds can be loaded. All this is available for as low as $0.99 a year. All messages you send across are completely free of cost. The only costs you incur are data charges.

With so much available, it is understandable that the service would become the backbone of internet communication for most users.

This is what exactly has happened, further explaining why People rely heavily on whatsApp today for their communication needs. And when this service is down, that too at a time when it is needed the most for sharing new year wishes, the frustration of the users is understandable.

WhatsApp for iOS and Android happened to crash on New year’s eve for users in Europe, Canada and America. The service was impaired from 16:28 GMT and started 45 minutes post crash.

But issues were not resolved. The app crashed yet again in the American continent.

The organization apologized profusely to the users for the problem that they were facing. They assured that issues like this would be avoided in future. However, they were discreet and mentioned nothing about why the app had gone down and restoration was taking so much time.

Users were unable to send and receive messages.

They received error messages that mentioned that they were not connected to the internet, even though their data or Wi-Fi connections were working perfectly well.

Consequently, users switched over to other services like Telegram or Viber to send messages.

There was also a rise in the number of SMS and Calls that were placed to compensate for the loss of service, just to send across New year messages.

It appears as though there is a bug in the Software that might have caused the crash. Others claim that WhatsApp might have crashed because the company was trying to test a video calling service, although not much can be said about this issue.