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WhatsApp Finally implements Video Call Feature


WhatsApp has finally implemented the long awaited new feature, WhatsApp Android user received the new video call update. The new video call feature can be used at the moment only on the official WhatsApp beta testing program. The feature works on different versions of the beta (from v2.16.316 to the present ones) .At the moment there is not any official statement regarding the release date of the new feature to all users.

To access the video call feature using the calls tab. The user needs to tap on the dialer icon, next to the search icon, and a message will pop up asking the user to select between making a WhatsApp voice call or a video call. To use the video call option, both users need to be using the beta version of WhatsApp. If one user is on the beta and tries to call another user that has the standard version of the app, they will get an error saying “Couldn’t place call”.

There have rumors going around since May of this new feature implementation to WhatsApp, it was also spotted in beta versions as well but it was removed from the beta before more people could get a peek at it.

Users that tried the new video call feature for WhatsApp on Android gave a good review on it. The feature is performing decently even where there are bad networks. There are some bugs though. Some users have reported to only see the profile picture instead of the live camera feed, or another bug reported is that user will see their own live camera feed instead. We can expect these problems before the feature becomes available to everyone.

If you want to try the beta version of WhatsApp and get a feel for the new feature you can get the beta version from v2.16.316 onwards. Be wary though, Android Police reports show that not all users of the beta version have this feature available. If that does not work, download the latest available beta version – v.3.16.318 via APK Mirror.


  1. Nope. You are wrong. Especially for Hangouts. Concerning the quality of the audio and video streaming Skype and Hangouts are one of the best if not the best.

  2. they are already been released in the latest beta version of the app which can be downloaded in apk mirror website.

  3. The pictures saved for each chat group are not identified by group, they are just all thrown into one folder and named sequentially. We need to be able to sort all media by group. Is there a way to do this?

  4. Unfortunately WhatsApp calling feature is not working in several destinations. I have tried several apps and one of the top apps I recommend is BlaBla Connect with Calls, MiniCalls, Chatting and topup & balance transfer services

  5. The interface looks slightly like messenger and yes Mark Zuckerberg bought it

  6. Video Call is a “nice to have” feature but WA misses features that would be greater in a day to day basic use, for example the ability to store medias on a SD instead of the phone memory (and now that WA can send files this requirement becomes more important)…..

  7. send your WhatsApp App to SD card in the Apps section then the media will be stored to SD card as whatsapp is mainly installed in internal memory ,the data is also stored in internal memory!!Hope that helps 🙂

  8. I am a Google fanboy, but Hangout calls have been lackluster. So far, I’m impressed with Whatsapp and there is room for improvement. For example, it’s far too easy to accidentally call someone. I’d like to see an option that either confirms your desire to call or a slight delay (again, an option I can select).

    The text boxes simply don’t behave well for long messages. The developers need to address this. Otherwise, the speed and features are very good and I look forward to video calling; that will allow me to ditch Skype (they have not kept up with their product, esp texting).

  9. I’m not convinced of the value of visual calls for most purposes. Much less efficient for my needs.

  10. Microsoft id driving Skype through the ground, it was a very good piece of software, miles better than Whatsapp – but MS has not mucked around the video yet, so this still works fine. Whatsapp cannot deal with multiple devices, just your one mobile. Whatsapp need a lot of work on network stability and low-level things, where Skype have plunged years of research, but they will try and will get it.

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