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WhatsApp Plus update for Windows Phone download?


WhatsApp has always been as very disputed application.

Starting from its early days when it was first banned till today, there has been controversy surrounding it, either because it copies WhatsApp Original application in the way it works or because users prefer it more because of its customizable features.

The latest versions of the original WhatsApp application has come with some features now that had always existed on WhatsApp Plus.

Let us take the example of customizable chat backgrounds. Whats App Plus has always had this feature but the original version added it just in this version.

Needless to say, WhatsApp is actually studying the growth pattern of WhatsApp plus and it is slowly developing features that this application has always had.

The original application is building itself on the principles of WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus has also kept itself updated with the passing time. Regular ban free versions have been released.

The development on the Windows phones however has seen a little lag.

This is because of the complex structure of the Windows OS. However, even if you are a Windows user, you can still take the advantage of WhatsApp Plus.

The latest version of WhatsApp Plus would be available on the internet.

You can get it from the official website of WhatsApp plus.

However, before you install, you would need to back up your chats and then uninstall the official version.

Once downloaded, install the application and click on Restore.

All your chat history will be restored here. The special features that you would be able to get here are as follows:

  • Ability to change colors, fonts, sizes as per your requirements
  • Ability to create themes which you can share over the internet for thousands of users to download
  • The availability of more than 100 new themes made by users from which you can download stuff
  • Send larger files of up to 50 MB as compared to the 16 MB of the normal file
  • WhatsApp Plus will not cut down on the quality of pictures or videos you want to send across for faster delivery
  • Music files can be shared very easily
  • You can hide the profile picture of the contact you are chatting with and show pictures saved in the phonebook instead.
  • No accounts will be banned.
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