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WhatsApp – The Journey Of The App In 2015


WhatsApp, founded by Jan Koum and currently owned by Facebook is one of the apps with the largest number of users in the world.

The application was launched almost six years ago and was the first one to make users free of the hassles of sending messages that are paid. The application grew greatly in 2015.

Launching new features and adding new components was what added another 100 million users to WhatsApp in 2015.

Let us take a look at the app and its developments in 2015.

January and February 2015 were a big turning point for the app. The world had been expecting to see the calling feature for the application since a very long time.

They compared the services to Viber. Viber had launched voice and video calling almost five years before this app had done.

However, in the month of January, the Android users started getting beta versions of the application that came with the voice call feature.

The feature stabilized for Android users around mid Feb and around the same time, the iOS users came to receive this feature. Windows received this feature much later.

However, the voice calling feature, when it was in its infancy, was not a very big success.

People tried it just because they were excited, but the basic results were extremely disappointing.

Most users complained of calls getting dropped and voice not getting heard on the other end of the line, but this was not all.

Users even on 3G struggled with high data consumption and wanted to get a fix for this.

It was delivered, but not until mid August in 2015, when the positive results actually began to show.

This data consumption issues gave rise to another really wonderful feature in WhatsApp.

Users got the power to control the amount of data they wanted to throw into a call, thus making the calls even more cost effective from data price stand point.

Other smaller features appeared on the iOS in the form of the 3D touch response that added the peek and pop options. New emoticons appeared both on iOS and Android.

Asides, users got the options to star messages and to mark them unread if needed.

The other lesser used phones like Symbian for example also received more updates to make the memory usage lesser.

In all, WhatsApp grew a lot this year and now the eyes are set on the app to see when it can introduce video calling.