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WhatsApp Tips and Tricks – Does More That Text Messages


WhatsApp can do a lot more than simply exchange text messages and media. You can create shortcuts for your favorite contacts on the home screen, you can send your position on the map to other users and many, many other things. If you find yourself using this app frequently, the following tricks will be a great help.

Read receipts – When you open WhatsApp and read a received message, the one who wrote you can see two blue V’s next to the message, this way he will know if you have looked over the text. This setting can be problematic if you are trying to ignore that text or if you need more time to formulate an adequate answer. Deactivating Read receipts is really simple just go to Settings > Account > Privacy and uncheck Read receipts. The only downside to this is that you won’t be able to get read receipts on your messages either.

The two V’s only show you that the message was seen by the other person, but it doesn’t tell you when this has happened. To find out exactly the time when the message was read just open the conversation and touch a certain message, on the upper bar you will get a few options, the first one will be a circle – Info. Tap it and there you will find information about the time when the message was delivered and the time when it was read. Even more, while in a group conversation, holding the Info button will reveal a list of those who have read your message within that group.

Share your location – having trouble explaining someone how to get to your location?

Things have never been this easy. Just tap the attachment button and select Location. A map will appear on the screen and a few suggestions. All there is left to do is to tap Send current location and it is done, the other person will know exactly where you are at that time.