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WhatsApp to get Facebook integration soon


WhatsApp is likely to come up with a feature, with the help of this feature, the users could be able to integrate their Facebooks accounts with the instant messaging and voice calling application. The description reads that this integration is made in order to ‘improve Facebook experiences’.

Javier Santos, an Android developer has spotted the revelations of the company’s will to allow its users to link their Facebook accounts to their messaging services by the version 2.12.413 of WhatsApp for Android.

From some of the leaked images, we can conclude that the feature appears to be in the Account settings of the messaging app, and it asks the consumers if they want to share information of their WhatsApp Account with Facebooks, by the looks of it, it seems to be an optional choice.

It is quite fascinating that the same version of the application also features a “hidden” security settings page, this feature offers the messaging app users with an option to be able to enable an additional indicator which is made to inform the user if their chats and calls are encrypted.

In order to enable this feature, however, the user needs to own a rooted Android smart phone or a tablet and will have to run a bunch of command.

If we recall, in 2014, WhatsApp became partners with Open Whisper System, which is a non- profit software group. This non- profit group develops collaborative open source projects in order to scramble messages with the help of a cryptographic key in order to bolster the privacy.

Towards the end of 2014, Open Whisper System took a note that the WhatsApp’s Android client had implemented the end to end encryption. In the later studies which were conducted since, it has been discovered that the feature has been failed to implement correctly. When the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights group gave just a two out of seven when it tested the app for privacy sophistication.

The addition of an indicator, if it is on the mind of the company, will certainly improve the image of the company among the privacy activists and enthusiasts who are largely based on services such as, Secure and Telegram, but then again these privacy activists and enthusiasts might not like the idea of having to share their WhatsApp information with Facebook.

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