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WhatsApp – Two New Useful Features Released Today


WhatsApp has been updated today and it has two new available features for worldwide users, highly awaited for quite a long time by users even!

New WhatsApp Update

The company WhatsApp launched last night a new update for its own app, that receiving two new features that users can use after they install it starting this morning.

WhatsApp has only implemented these two new features for the iPhone version of the app for now, but they are expected to arrive for Android systems really soon, with a separate update, too.

First of all, WhatsApp implemented an update for the app widget; that now shows status updates from the platform directly on the Today View interface located in the iOS notification center.

Basically, thanks to this change, we can see the new statuses of our friends without effectively opening the app, therefore the widget that is now available for the notification center simplifies app interaction a lot.

Two new features released today

Additionally, WhatsApp got a very interesting change, available for those who receive voice messages from a bunch of friends and listen to them on their own phones. The new feature makes using this system very easy.

To be exact, according to WhatsApp, starting today, voice messages will keep playing even if we lock our phones or switch to another app, so we won’t have to stick to the WhatsApp interface in order to listen to received voice messages.

Often times, WhatsApp tests new features for worldwide users, thus it is to be expected that we constantly see such additions for both iPhone and Android. They are extremely useful and make app usage way easier!

To be released for Android soon

WhatsApp sequentially implements new features, first on the iPhone version and then on Android, and sometimes the reverse is also true, so no matter which platform gets a feature first, that feature will eventually be ported to the other platform, too, even if it takes a bit of time.

You can download WhatsApp from the App Store by clicking here.

Is any of these 2 features useful to you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! And as always, stay tuned for more app news!