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WhatsApp Version 2.12.374 Beta Brings New Emojis For Android Users


WhatsApp Version 2.12.374 beta has brought about quite a few changes for users. WhatsApp and its updates are as regular as clockwork.

The developers work hard to make sure that all users are kept updated with the best features possible and it is this service spirit that has kept the application alive today.

Users have been catered to from all different device platforms, even as outdated as Symbian or Java phones that only a handful might be using. Granted, that these platforms do not get as much as what the regular popular platforms like Android or iOS get, but they do get a few tweaks that really brings all possible changes, despite hardware limitations of the users’ devices.

Of late, Android users are the first one to see any updates.

Not because WhatsApp has any special corner for Android users – the developers just roll updates out for Android first because it is an open source platform and any new changes are rather easy to inflict on the application here.

Nevertheless, other platforms are soon to follow whenever such a change is made and developers tend to bugs regularly. You’ll hardly find any issue left not catered to, because of a very good practice; the application launches beta versions well in advance and keeps taking feedback from users to perfect usage.

Along these lines, the company has come up with the latest 2.12.374 beta version which brings a lot of changes to WhatsApp for Android users.

Probably the best things that we could talk about are emojis, that have learnt to speak for themselves and express emotions that can either not be expressed just with words or can help a person to convey a message just when he is feeling too lazy to type.

The new Emojis that can be expected here are the food related ones like popcorn box,  hot dog, burrito; Animal related ones like spider, a turkey, a unicorn; miscellaneous ones like medals, racing cars, champagne bottles, volleyballs, horns signs, raised middle fingers, detective and shamrocks.

Unicode 8 and Unicode 7 emojis have been added, further leading to the number of emojis tabs increasing from five to eight.

It goes without saying that the application is not stable and hence would not be a part of the Google Play Store – you can download it from the official website and install it easily.

Be sure to share feedback with WhatsApp so that the company can drive the application to a stable version soon.