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WhatsApp Video Calls Available While Skype Open Guest Accounts


WhatsApp is improving the services they feature by adding the long expected video call option. This way WhatsApp can lure in some new users and grow its user base even larger than it already is. The Facebook owned app has over one billion monthly active users and that user base is surely going to increase to an even bigger number after they roll out the new video call feature.

The new WhatsApp feature will be available for all platforms that are compatible with the app. Meaning that owners of Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices will be able to benefit from the new video calling option.

On the other hand, Skype is also providing its users with new features. Microsoft just announced that Skype can now be used online without any registration required, meaning that Skype fans can enter video conferences only using guest accounts. The reason Microsoft is making Skype conference call accessible without any Skype account is because they have noticed that most companies use different desktop video conferencing apps that do not require its users to be registered.

Regarding the newly implemented WhatsApp video calling feature, Manpreet Signh the lead engineer at WhatsApp said in an interview that they are looking to make the user interface of video calling very simple and that the intended purpose of the new to feature is to make sure every WhatsApp user has access to video calling, not only the owners of expensive high end devices.

Microsoft also said that all of Skype’s new features are going to be free. The app provides its users with group instant messaging as well where people can also send files and up to 300 people can join the chat group. The video conference feature will allow for a maximum of 25 people to join the video call.


  1. Nice! Whatsapp voice calls worked surprisingly well even when you have a bad connection. I use when Facetime Audio doesn’t work due to that, though it isn’t my first choice. It will be interesting to see if the same holds true for their Video Chats.

  2. Are the voice calls and new video calls encrypted properly or is it all going in clear text?

    We already know that skype is an NSA platform so it’s pointless to discuss lack of its security.

  3. “We want it to be simple. We want to make sure people understand how video calls can be done. That’s been the model for everything we’ve developed at WhatsApp.”

    I assume promises is another of the things they’re teaching the world how to do.

  4. I wonder how the UAE (with it’s protective laws to keep revenue flowing to it’s Telcos and ban voice messengers) will react to this…

  5. Skype has one thing that nearly nobody else does correctly and that’s single login on several devices. Other than that it’s an utter shit spying tool for NSA. But that part makes it highly useful for a lot of people.

    I know that Signal is doing something similar for chats (only place it’s needed) but it’s still not really very useful as it only works with a PC and you have to use chrome for it (no stand alone version so far).

  6. And yet I STILL can’t get Skype for Business (office 365) to call Skype consumer with audio and video to work, and Skype (and facetime) still don’t support standard XMPP or SIP devices to call in without using an expensive local or cloud based bridging service.

  7. The downside is that WhatsApp is basically only for phones. You can’t make calls using the desktop interface, and it also won’t work on wifi-only tablets. I use Skype quite a bit, and mostly on tablets I’ve owned just due to the screen size.

  8. I know alot of people shit on this company, but for video chat, and login across multiple devices (computer, mac, droid, iPad etc) FB chat does it better imo, great video/audio almost zero lag even on cross country video chats. Skype is laggy as all hell and broken up audio. Pixelated?…PFFT… more like large blocks like you would see in a game of Minecraft, then again look who owns both, guess they like their stuff that way. 😉

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