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Which of These 10 Android Browsers is The Fastest One?


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A fast browsing experience has never annoyed anyone. And when you browse a lot on your phone, it’s important to have a fast browser.

To make your life easier, we’ve tested 10 Android browsers to show you what they’re good at so that you can choose the one you need.

We’ve tested these browsers: Google Chrome (v. 49.0.2623.105), Dolphin Browser (v. 11.5.5), Mozilla Firefox (v. 45.0.2), Naked Browser (version 1.0 build 112), Opera Browser (v. 36.1.2126.102083), Puffin Browser (v., UC Browser (v. 10.9.0), InfiKen Labs Flynx Browser (v. 2.0.1), Ghostery Browser (v. 1.3.2), Mercury Browser (v. 3.2.3).

For the tests, we used a Nexus 6P that runs stock Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and it was factory reset before starting the test. There weren’t any other apps installed on the phone, except for the browsers and the system monitor app that showed us memory use.

After each test, the phone was rebooted and everything (browsing data, history, cookies, and any remaining browser app data) was cleared before each test. Each test was run three times to maximize data accuracy.

We’ve tested the following: JavaScript and browser performance, loading speed of a page and memory usage.

Browser performance: Testing With Sunspider, Mozilla Kraken, Browsermark and Peacekeeper

SunSpider 1.0.2 – JavaScript Benchmark

The low score means that the browser has a better and faster performance. The best browser in this test was Puffin Web Browser, followed by UC Browser. The slowest one is Chrome, a shocking result!

Mozilla Kraken 1.1 – JavaScript Benchmark

The low score is better performance. Puffin was still at the top, with Firefox on the second spot, Chrome on 6th place and Dolphin at the end of the rank.

Browsermark 2.1.3

This benchmark will show browser performance, and the best score is the highest one: Opera was on top, Chrome the second one.


The overall browser performance, again with the highest score as the best performance, shows that Peacekeeper keeps Puffin on top of the competition, with UC on the second place.

Memory consumption

With no tabs open, Dolphin Browser used only 45 MB. Then the Naked Browser was in second place, and Chrome and Ghostery on third place. Opera used about 99 MB with no page open.

Memory consumption – 5 open tabs

Dolphin Browser got on 5th place from the top and Chrome took its place. Puffin is on 9th place – so that speed comes at a high price after all.

To wrap up the results, we can agree that Puffin breaks the barrier for the fastest browser on Android. However, if you don’t have the RAM to spare, use something slower that will not eat all the RAM – like Chrome! If you prefer a decent mix of speed and privacy, you can opt for Firefox which was found to be the best browser for privacy (without using Tor).