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Why Dash is a Top Candidate for Coinbase Listing


Coinbase is the world’s largest crypto exchange platform and getting listed on it is a major feat for any cryptocurrency. Therefore, investors are always on the lookout for new cryptocurrencies which are going to be listed on Coinbase because their overall value will more than likely skyrocket.

Coinbase offers a safe and easy means of purchasing digital tokens and this makes it the ideal platform for new investors who want a piece of the “cryptocurrency cake”.

Coinbase to Add Dash

Even though cryptocurrencies like Ripple (XRP) and Stellar Lumens (XLM) might exceed Dash when it comes to market capitalization, Dash has all the necessary qualifications to be listed on Coinbase. In addition, Dash is worth $585.38 per token right now and the total market capitalization sits at over $4.6 billion.

The biggest advantage that Dash has over the previously mentioned cryptocurrencies is that they are designed to be integrated with enterprise-level technology which doesn’t make them the ideal candidates for Coinbase.

Top-Notch Privacy Features

The thing that makes Dash special when compared with other cryptocurrencies is its top-notch privacy features. The folks who created Dash want to provide investors with completely anonymous transactions which can’t be tracked and with wallet balance hiding at the same time.

This why Dash has been staying around underground markets until now, but this doesn’t mean that Dash is not a worthy investment. In case you didn’t know, Bitcoin also spent a lot of time hiding in underground markets but then it ended up becoming the biggest cryptocurrency that the market has to offer.

Nonetheless, these are the factors that Coinbase always considers when adding new cryptocurrencies: Technology, Mission and Values, Crypto Economics, Market Demand, Supply, Legal and Complicates. Dash excels at all those things and this is what makes it highly likely to be the next cryptocurrency to be added on Coinbase.