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Why Microsoft Outlook on iOS is better than Outlook on Windows 10 Mobile?


Without any further discussion I would like to show with five reasons why Outlook for iOS is better than Outlook for Windows 10 mobile.

First if we talk in terms of FORMATTING, the formatting is the biggest issue in Outlook 10 Mobile, as the formatting in Outlook 10 is terrible and most of the emails are in odd format and there is huge amount of padding seen in mails or they show up zoomed out.

The boombox looks normal in iOS but on Windows 10 mobile it looks very weird.

Second point is FOCUSED INBOX, Outlook for iOS has a very cool and nice feature called focused inbox, which automatically detects important new emails and show them in users Focused inbox, while the rest remain on another tab which is easy to access.

If a user move or copy the mail in or out of the focused inbox, Outlook gives response accurately to your priorities.

This is very useful for those users who receive huge number of emails on daily basis.

Focused inbox feature is not yet updated on Windows 10 mobile.

Third point is one of the most important point which is FILES, Outlook for iOS lets a user to attach files very easily to user emails using user accounts from the cloud on Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox and Box.

On the other hand if we look at Windows 10 Mobile which is more exclusive which lets a user to attach files from user OneDrive Account, but not other Cloud services of user.

The fourth point if we talk about is RSVP, Outlook on iOS automatically detect emails and event notifications too.

This RSVP is not available for Windows 10 mobile currently.

The icon “event” appears on users emails that a user can RSVP right from users inbox.

The Fifth and last point comes here is Alias Address,Outlook on iOS helps the user in sending messages from an alias.

For example, a user has a different mobile nations email address to public relations company,  depending entirely on what the user is covering.

If the matter is related to Android, the user will inform the address as [email protected].

On the other hand if the matter relates to Windows the user will give the address as [email protected].

If the matter is Apple related, the user will inform as [email protected]. In short, all the emails go into one account: [email protected].

When a user creates work emails, the user is able to change the email address in the form of Filed in Outlook.

Overall, a user can do this in Outlook for iOS, but will not be able to do it on Outlook for Windows 10 mobile.

Above all if you as a user don’t use for alias address, Focused inbox or attachments, still the Formatting on outlook will not respond you properly.

How do you feel about this? What is your thought about outlook on iOS and outlook for Windows 10 mobile, let us know what do  you think in the comments!