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Why Red Pulse (RPX) is a Great Prospect


The cryptocurrency market is unique. Despite the fact that people are spending real money on cryptocurrencies, the market is usually driven by market information, research and even rumors in some cases. Therefore, crypto investors need to always be up to date with the latest news so that they know when to or not to move their assets.

This makes it hard for new investors to get a grip of the market and to better understand what goes on. Luckily, there is a Chinese market that’s looking to make things easier for investors by simplifying the process of understand, trading and purchasing crypto assets. The Market is based In Hong Kong and it’s known as Red Pulse.

Red Pulse

Red Pulse is fueled by a team of technology and financial experts who have been working in this team for more than 2 years, even before Red Pulse entered the ICO stage. The most notable name from Red Pulse’s team of experts are Jonathan HA who is the founder and CEO of the company.

What Does Red Pulse Do?

The main goal of Red Pulse is to solve three major problems that are related to content creation. The first problem is about developing a reliable research content ecosystem. The second major problem that Red Pulse is trying to resolve is making information more accurate and transparent. This will prove to be quite a difficult task.

Nonetheless, the last issue that Red Pulse is going to take care of is to manage information overload. This implies removing rumors, gossip and other type of information that is not based on a reliable source. The reason why Red Pulse wants to manage information overload is to avoid rumors that might cause panic in the cryptocurrency market and to make it more stable.