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Why The iPhone 8 Should Be The Best Choice


Apple has become over the years one of the most-known companies around the world and recognizing one of its models is quite an easy task. However, if you spotted the latest 5.8-inch OLED display, there is a high possibility you saw how the next iPhone will look, a device that kept the interest of phone enthusiasts and tech experts. Rumor has it that the next iPhone model is one of the most leaked phones ever created, which demonstrates once again that it is difficult to keep that big of a secret.

One of the secrets that raises a lot of questions is the future name of the next iPhone. It is also known that the 7s and 7s Plus versions of the iPhone will be as well released, so people are tempted to believe that the latest iPhone will be called iPhone 8. On the other hand, the opinions are mixed, since some of the individuals consider that it will seem odd to release two mobile devices and then a phone with a different number and some phone enthusiasts consider that Apple will save the number eight for the next year.

Nonetheless, the new name has the potential to set the upcoming model apart from the others. This kind of name differences happened in the past. After the iPad 2 was released, the next generations of tablets were simply named iPad. However, it was a difficult process to differentiate between the two models, since iPad 2 was an older model and the iPad was the last to be released.

Some speculations about the model’s name revolve around the tenth anniversary of iPhone. People tend to believe that the iPhone X would be a very appropriate and appealing name for a technologically-advanced device. This name is also reinforced by the Apple’s choice of opting for Roman numerals in the past; the X being used in the Mac software, OSX.

Even if the perspectives are mixed and different, one of the most probable choice for the latest iPhone will be iPhone Pro, because it promises to be a high-end device and it most likely have quite a high price.