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Will Donald Trump’s Ideologies Make Our Apple Devices More Expensive?


We all know of the kind of havoc Donald Trump is wreaking, be it in terms of ethnic and religious comments or in terms of economical ideas.

After ISIS, Trump’s latest target it Apple Inc, who he claims, should ‘build their damn computers and other things in this country instead of in other countries’, which he was very vocal about in his public address in Liberty University in Virginia.

Although the business tycoon turned presidential nominee’s speeches are blunt and very unacceptable to some people, this man is right to a certain point.

Granted, that his anger towards Apple Inc really does not seem to have an explanation attached to it, his ideas justifying this anger will be appealing to the common man in United States of America.

The country has a huge workforce, but Apple still manages to somehow get its manufacturing done elsewhere, particularly in China.

China serves as the richest store house of cheap labour combined with the best technology when it comes to manufacturing.

This cheap labour and fast production make the deal very profitable for the Cupertino giant, because it can save on production costs to make the profit margin larger and at the same time attracting most users with heavy discounts.

Trump seems to be annoyed with the fact that the company is making its devices elsewhere when it should actually be manufacturing in the United States and providing jobs to the hundreds that are currently looking for more options.

The company is also running bases in Ireland, and already has a headcount of roughly 5000 employees there.

Well, Trump’s intentions are clear. He wants the whole processing of Apple products to be done in the home country instead of having production done elsewhere.

The runner for the new president said that it would find a way to make sure that the company does its manufacturing here.

This is something that it even said for Ford, that has all its manufacturing plants in Mexico. The companies are doing this to save costs and by preventing them from doing this, we might actually be making our products more expensive in future.

The common man in the US might like what Trump is saying but we need to realize that in the long run it might not really be the best option to work on.