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Will iPhone Sales Drop this Year?


Smartphone faces first ever decline following the introduction of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and models in 2015

According to the records, Apple’s iPhone can record its first ever drop in sales this year.

According to the various reports from several companies, the “bombshell” news came in an exceedingly analysis note on Apple by the bank’s analyst Ms Huberty.

She predicts sales of the company’s smartphone can decline by nearly 6% within the company’s 2016 revenue year.

iPhone sales have hyperbolic every year since its introduction in 2007, once it sold-out simply fewer than 1.4 million units. In total, over 600 million iPhones have been shipped in total.

In 2015, Apple shifted 231 million units and flat-topped $150bn value of annual sales.

However, for the financial year 2016, according to the reports, the team predicts Apple can sell simply 218 million iPhones, down from Morgan Stanley’s previous estimate reports of 247 million.

Reason’s for decline is maximum because of higher costs on the international markets likewise as maturing smartphone penetration.

However there’s one more factor: Apple’s sensible 2015 is simply too good to repeat.

The wildly successful launch of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models saw sales of over 13 million within the first three days.

The prediction is the reasonably issue which may create investors over strung.

The iPhone currently accounts for pretty much common fraction of Apple’s revenue and seventy five per cent of the entire units sold-out across all products.

Though reports says it and shows no signs of losing its position as Apple’s most profitable product, according to the various reports the corporate is turning into progressively smitten by iPhone sales.

There are ways that Apple may skirt around accusations that the iPhone is on the point of coming in future on a decline part more.

According to the executive reports on a note by Brean Capital analyst the corporate may avoid the headlines by running down excess inventory of antecedently created iPhones to undertake for a rise in unit sales instead of the amount of iPhones shipped.

What are your thoughts and predictions for the decline of iPhones this Year? Do you agree?


  1. Antecedence won’t unsaturate a market that’s already like that of second hand nearly new cars. The latest & greatest needs more than refresh, that more might just be maturity once hardware boundaries are met, yet already, other platforms mature. Watch out for dark horses & underdogs. 2007 is no more.

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