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Will the New Google AI-Based Chat App take on Facebook Messenger?


Alphabet’s Google is reportedly functioning on a brand new AI-based electronic communication application that may let the users create use of chatbots to seek out info concerning something they require on the net.

If this rumor materializes, it’ll mean that Facebook’s new AI-based digital assistant referred to as M includes a serious contender. Several had labelled it as a distinct application from the closest rivals it may get – Google currently, Cortana and Siri.

However, it looks Google has finally completed that what is to be provide by the social networking giants could be a heap completely different from its digital assistant.

Facebook can implant M into its chat app Facebook messenger. Google is additionally trying to try and do identical by group action it’s AI-based currently into its chat app Hangouts, however none of this will be confirmed simply however.

It’s expected that the corporate can usher in third party developers to figure on the chatbots that may run on its chat service, as per the reports of The Wall Street Journal.

Just within the same method Google search can direct the users to the foremost relevant sources once searching for correct info, the new service also will direct users to check chatbots wherever they’ll be fed with info they have right from inside the app to check that out.

Instead of go all the thanks to Google.com to look for one thing, you’ll be able to merely send a text message to those chatbots and instead, they’ll scour the net and convey back the specified results of your question.

A strategic move for Google

Ever since electronic communication apps and chatbots came into being, Google’s place on the net has for the primary time felt vulnerable.

The reason for this is that the corporate is trying to make a brand new mobile chat app that’s well equipped with the newest technology so as to catch up with the opposite players within the trade.

Today, electronic communication apps lead the method in terms of mobile apps with over two billion users already creating and using them.

However, Google is much behind once it involves electronic communication services as its offerings path Facebook’s by an enormous margin.

WhatsApp has over 900 million, whereas Facebook messenger boasts of near 800 million users. Across continents, Asian giants Tencent and Rakuten boast of WeChat and Viber severally, that have user bases of over 600 million each.

Asian electronic communication apps have additional capabilities than what we’ve got within the west.

For example, WeChat permits its users to buy, book appointments, pay bills or maybe hail cabs from inside the app. On the opposite hand, Viber lets users play games, access Public Chats and lots of alternative services.

Perhaps Google desires to borrow a leaf from these chat apps, rather like Facebook is doing with its Facebook messenger app.

Basically, Google desires to bring its program capabilities to its new electronic communication service.

It’ll be fascinating to ascertain however this seems providing Facebook M is already being tested and a colossal roll out is ready to start next year.