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Will Verge Reach Bitcoin’s Level in Time?


This year was the year when cryptocurrency finally exploded. Bitcoin has been popular for a while, but it never managed to rise the way it did this year, and its dramatic evolution impressed the entire population. Logically, many people decided to invest in cryptocurrency after that, but BTC is no longer a good option for beginners.

However, there are other coins out there, and some of them have a real potential. Only time will tell which cryptocurrency will be the next one that will blow up, but Verge is an altcoin that comes with plenty of advantages.

Verge might be the next big thing

Bitcoin is the most powerful coin at the moment, but it is slowly becoming outdates as technology continues to evolve. And here is where Verge could come into play. Verge is very similar to Bitcoin, but it managed to fix most of the issues that exist when it comes to BTC.

Verge has improved the blockchain so that the anonymity and security are enhanced, as well as the capacity and the transaction times. Most cryptocurrency users are already aware that anonymity is one of the things that Bitcoin lacks. Verge also has its own community, and the members are the ones that control the direction of the coin, as well as the way technology will evolve.

Verge protects your privacy since it uses many anonymity-centric networks such as I2P and Tor. This means that the transactions cannot be traceable and everything is completely secure. And this does not mean that the quality of the transaction is affected. In fact, Verge transactions are very fast, while the Bitcoin ones are known for their lack of speed. The Simple Payment Verification technology is the one that allows Verge users to complete a transaction in less than five seconds.