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Windows 10 Mobile No Longer Supported By HERE Maps


The world of technology has been progressing at a rapid rate, and there have been many changes that have been brought to it over the years. Many companies have come and gone and many operating systems have been forgotten.

The Windows 10 OS however, does not want to be in the list of these ‘forgotten’ Operating Systems as Microsoft has been working towards a way where the Windows 10 remains to be the mainstay for the company.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS has been introduced in the July of last year, and has been their fastest growing OS of all times. The company has also introduced the Windows 10 Mobile OS for their mobile users.

In an attempt to push their devices further into the markets, Microsoft knows that one of the most important components of growth is the availability of applications. Microsoft has now been pushing towards developers creating universal applications which work on the Windows Store for the Windows 10 OS users on PC, as well as on tablets and Windows 10 Mobile users on the mobile phones.

However, in the recent times, two major names have left the company, the first one was that of Spotify, and in recent news even HERE Maps has decided to terminate their association.

HERE maps used to be exclusive to Nokia and Microsoft devices while Nokia was still an independent company. However, after Microsoft took over, the company decided to expand and went to the Android and the iOS markets too.

HERE Maps has now decided to end all support for the users of Windows 10 Mobile devices, and has said on their official blog that:

“We’ve been developing mobile maps applications for about 10 years, since the first smartphones came with GPS. As the market evolves, we keep in step byintroducing our apps for new operating systems while stopping support for others.

Although the essence of the HERE apps lives on in the Windows Maps app, we are removing the HERE branded apps from the Windows 10 store on March 29, 2016 and will limit the development of the apps for Windows Phone 8 to critical bug fixes.”

In an update to this story, a day after HERE announced their exit from the Windows 10 Mobile devices, Microsoft has now announced that an ‘exciting new update’ is soon coming for the users of Microsoft Maps.