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Windows 10 Mobile Update Is Running Late – Release Date Delayed


Windows Phone users have been accustomed to bad news over the time. Some users have continued using Windows Phone 7 even when the update to version eight has appeared, and now those who use the latest version of the mobile operating system are forced to wait even longer for an upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. It seems that the launch of the new version that was scheduled in December has been postponed by Microsoft, despite the lack of an official announcement.

Windows 10 Mobile debuted earlier this month along with models Lumia 950 and 950 XL from Microsoft and was to be released on other older compatible devices before the end of this year. It seems that Windows Phone 8 devices will not get the update in December, according to the original plan. The only ones who have Windows 10 Mobile on older devices are those enrolled in the Windows Insider program and they have access to a “preview” version of the new operating system.

The launch seems to be delayed by several months, according to documents leaked on the Internet. While some models may receive updates to Windows 10 Mobile in January, most Lumia devices will get the roll-out only in February. Strangely enough that there was no news about other Windows Phone 8 devices that have the hardware produced by other manufacturers. It is unclear whether Acer, LG and Samsung smartphones will be upgraded in the near or distant future.