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Windows 10 privacy concerns accused by EFF


EFF, which stands for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has recently made some accusations that Microsoft is not careful with user privacy and user choice in its latest OS released, Windows 10. The online world has been filled with rumors and accusations ever since Microsoft released it last year. In this context, Amul Kalia, an employee of EFF, called on the company to clarify some issues regarding user privacy.

He claims that the system gathers a huge amount of data and sends it back to Microsoft, more data than ever before. For instance, if an user enables Cortana, this would also gather more info about the user and the device and it will send it back to Microsoft. Many say that any text/voice/touch input, location, websites that are accessed and other telemetric data are send immediately to the company and stored there.

Though indeed users have the possibility of turning off some of the features that record data, this is no guarantee that the computer will stop sending information to the Microsoft HQ, according to Kalia. Microsoft has assured its users in the past that they are anonymising the telemetry data they are storing, EFF claims that the company did not exactly explain how this process is developed. Moreover, they didn’t announce how long are they storing the data either, offering just some general timeframes.

EFF also brought into the attention the link between security patches and stored data. Kalia said that Microsoft explained the lack of user choice by claiming that the Windows Update does not function properly when run on an OS that turned the telemetry options to the lowest setting. In short, they say that if you turn low the telemetry options, your phone would not be as secure as it was because the system will not receive any security updates.

As it seems, the EFF is still pressuring Microsoft into clearing up the privacy issues for their users.


  1. User privacy is really important. Microsoft is going to bundle updates for previous OS’s once a month. No doubt the telemetry/spyware will be included so that if you want updates, you have to give up your privacy.

    Microsoft has forgotten that an OS is there to run your hardware, not to run Microsoft’s business empire.

  2. Not just telemetry data collections. I found a keylogger and it was sending it’s collections to Microsoft. There’s not telling what else they had thrown it. I did a factory reset and
    not longer allow updates from Microsoft. They
    can not be trusted. They lie, they cheat, they
    steal and the hate their own customers and treat them like they are all imbeciles.

  3. I found a keylogger on almost very internet page i visited and it was sending it’s collections to Google and i didn’t give permission to do that. So i added a add blocker and firewall rules to my both o.s.

  4. Gunggle, gazmatic and all your other
    fake aliases. Shill of Swill and Son of Swine.
    You are so full of BS. If webpages were installing keyloggers, I would have found them. I have found one keylogger, from one company while using Windows 7 64bit and that was from Microsoft. I avidly browse the internet all the time. Perhaps it is past time for you to learn about how to secure your browsers or quit using Microsoft’s stupid Edge or IE. Both are freakishly insecure.

  5. Correct. They have gone completely privacy invasive with Windows 10. Not even leaving older Windows. Companies will always do terrible stuffs like this whenever they see any chance, I’d hope the law to take control of these things and make them illegal but unfortunately US and pretty much every government in the world are the biggest culprit of spying on their citizens. Sad thing. The powerful of the world trying to make people their puppets again.

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