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Windows 10’s Cortana Will Make It Easier To Keep Track of Your Email Tasks


If you are a professional, then having a couple of mailboxes and keeping a close eye on the mails that come and go might become very tough to manage. Under these circumstances, the Windows 10 Cortana can help the user to manage his mailbox.

Mailbox management is something you would say is native to all email applications, but this is not all that the company has looked at in terms of optimization. The company will now make it easier to keep track of the to do list in the emails.

Emails come in with instructions. Not all can be remembered, especially if the actionable in the email is not something you’ll have to execute then. The problems occurs when you are asked to do something a month or two later.

Then you can easily forget these. In order to prevent such occurrences, the company has come up with more additions to Cortana’s services. The voice assistant has now been trained to make a scan on the inbox to check which mails might have had instructions attached.

As much as we’d want this to be an automatic response system, it is not really possible yet. There will be a number of mails highlighted that would have instructions in it. You can choose whether you’d want Cortana to remind you of that at all by pressing a button in the main Cortana menu.

That way, she’ll remind you exactly what you want to be reminded of and not be worried about what you did not really want to remember in the inbox to do list.

If you feel Cortana is snooping too much then you can choose not to use her at all. In this case the Cortana has to be disables to prevent interference by Cortana.

Users have tried cortana and have been quite pleased by the way she can understand requirements – you can depend upon her for most meetings and appointments to be reminded of.

She will also study the pattern of preferences and give you reminders accordingly. For example she can identify who is more significant, like your boss, and she can send reminders accordingly.