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Windows Defender Firewall – Security And Protection With The Advanced Security Feature (WFAS)


Windows Defender Firewall is very important in isolating the network, blocking unauthorized traffic that might flow through a device and protecting it. All the configuration settings from Windows Defender Firewall and from Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) are integrated into a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) which is called Windows Defender Firewall. The Firewall also works with Network Awareness and it applies further security settings depending on what type of network the device is connected to.

This only applies to machines that run on Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016.

Benefits of Using Windows Defender Firewall Advanced Security (WFAS)

The official Microsoft website recommends using Windows Defender Firewall whenever there is a need to address an ‘organizational network security’ challenge.

Here are the benefits of using Windows Defender FirewallAdvanced Security.

  1. Lowers The Risk of Security Threats on a Network

The devices are less likely to be attacked, as the additional layer (- Advanced Security) will decrease the chances of an attack by reducing the attack surface of a device and making it more manageable.

  1. Sensitive Data is Protected

All the sensitive data or intellectual property will be kept safe with the integration with IPsec. Microsoft ensures the public that ‘Windows Defender Firewall provides a simple way to enforce authenticated, end-to-end network communications’. The access to trusted network resources can be scaled and tiered in order to keep the data intact and remain confidential.

  1. It is a Great Investment

This is actually a no-brainer, as Windows Defender Firewall is already part of the operating system and it’s a host-based firewall. A company doesn’t need more hardware or software to benefit the services from Windows Defender Firewall. The main focus of Windows Defender Firewall is to be an additional protection that can run along with other non-Microsoft network security tools.